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just because

2011-03-07 21:05:35 by supersexybeast

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laziness + school D:

2011-02-28 00:32:29 by supersexybeast

hey hey~
i haven't drawn much lately D: i was sick with food poisoning on saturday and had it for three more days then was recovering until friday, so i've been dying on the couch pretty much all week. although this weekend i had a partay with my friends, so i didn't draw then either. aah i'm such a slacker XD
sooo ya i only have two pictures to upload this week (not like anyone cares lol)

HAPPY VDAY!! <3<3<3

2011-02-15 00:58:49 by supersexybeast

happy valentine's day everyone!!

i hope everyone had a good day and maybe even got something from their special someone (;

as for me i bought myself a beautiful pink carnation from the school and walked around making people jealous (even though technically they had no reason to be because i bought it for myself but whatever at least i have one haha)

have a great vday~

(or night considering how late it is haha)

i'm sooo sick i feel like i'm gonna explode D:
ive spent all day watching american dad and mtv (and that's where the title came from)

here's pretty much what i look and feel like

i can give you all the cigarettes you want but i cant make you look like audrey hepburn

my crazy beautiful life

2011-02-01 22:58:56 by supersexybeast

Every single night we fight
To get a little high on life
To get a little something right, something real
Atleast we try
Time after time
Try dodging all the douche bags guys
Try trading all the wasted times
For something real, in this crazy life


i got scouted?! ;u;

2011-01-23 12:46:42 by supersexybeast

i got scoutedd!!!!!!! yaaaaaaaaaaayy!!!!! :D

but idk what that means hahaha....


2011-01-19 22:34:13 by supersexybeast

visit my deviantart for more art by moi (:


2011-01-10 00:28:57 by supersexybeast


yay! i'm different! :D

2011-01-09 04:43:44 by supersexybeast

i was looking at all the art on this site and i noticed how i totally fucking stand out! i saw one thing that looked remotely like something i'd draw in a thumbnail, but it turned out to be a topless girl....definitely not what i'm in to.

everything is so dark here...i love it :D

my stuff is so bright and cheerful i'm afraid peeps are gonna drive me away lol

but being different will draw attention and attention is good for artists, right? XD